What We Offer

PYB relies on many dedicated volunteers to provide programs covering about eight months a year. These programs can be segmented into three primary groups as follows:

Winter Travel Program

Winter In-Town

Summer In-Town


Winter Season Options

PYB has two different options for the winter season:

  • Travel program (boys & girls in grades 3 – 8)
  • In-Town Recreational program (boys & girls in grades 1 – 9)


The travel program is structured for players that are looking for a higher level of competition and the program requires a higher level of commitment (i.e. longer season, more games & practices, etc.). Tryouts are conducted for all teams, and teams travel weekly to play games against other south shore towns.

The “in-town” program is less of a commitment and is more recreational in nature. Games are played in the Pembroke school gyms against other Pembroke teams; there are no tryouts and there is no travel involved.


Travel Program

Travel Leagues

PYB typically forms 1 or 2 travel teams per grade (for boys and girls in grades 3 – 8), and our travel teams have historically played in one of four travel leagues:



Travel team tryouts are held in late September / early October. There are 2 tryouts for each grade & gender; kids are only required to attend one tryout to be considered for a travel team, but are encouraged to attend both tryouts. Travel teams are typically announced in mid-October, and start practices in mid-late October.


Travel Team Commitment / Season

The normal travel team commitment / season consists of the following:

  • Season – 4 to 5 months in length (mid-late Oct through early March)
  • Practices – 2 weekly practices (each practice is typically 1 hour in length)
  • Games (regular season & playoffs) – the total number of games ranges from 12 to 20
  • (1-2 games per week), depending on the league & grade; teams travel weekly to play home and away games vs. other towns across the south shore
  • Tournaments – each team typically plays in one tournament during the season
  • Uniforms – travel team shirts & shorts are provided, although the shirts must be returned at the end of each season (travel team shirts are expensive and are re-used each year to help keep registration costs down)
  • Cost – average cost is around $320 per player


Winter In-Town Recreational Program

This program is open to boys & girls in grades 1 – 9.

There are no tryouts for the in-town program. Registration typically opens in late November / early December and balanced teams are established based on skill level.

The normal “in-town” commitment / season consists of the following:

  • Season – 2 to 3 months in length (January through mid-March)
  • Practices – 1 weekly practice (each practice is typically 1 hour in length)
  • Games (regular season & playoffs) – 10 to 12 total games (1 per week); all games are played in Pembroke at the Pembroke school gyms
  • Tournaments – no tournaments
  • Uniforms – reversible jerseys are provided to each player
  • Cost – average cost is around $100 per player


Our Grades 1 and 2 program differs slightly from the remaining grades; these players play for one hour each week, typically on Saturdays (30 minutes of practice time followed by a 30-minute game). The games are more instructional in nature, with coaches officiating and no official score kept.

The remaining grades are more competitive in nature; officials are used for all weekly games, scores are kept, and there is a playoff structure at the end of the season. Each team typically has a one-hour practice slot and one weekly game.


Summer In-Town Recreational Program

Summer programs generally run from early June to late August. The evening games are scheduled under the lights of the outdoor courts adjacent to the Community Center for age groups ranging from incoming 3rd graders to high schoolers. Sign-ups are held each May.  

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